Since 1953, we have been providing support to our dairy producers on every detail of their milking operation.
We have over 249 years of experience in the field.

From designing and installing a new facility, to regular scheduled maintenance, hygiene route delivery and 24 hour dairy service.

Customer Service and Support is our number one priority!

Fuller's Milker Center

  • 24-Hour Dairy Service – 7 Days a Week – 365 Days a Year Service on Milking Equipment and Refrigeration
  • On-farm Route Truck Sanitation Delivery
    • Platinum and Gold customers receive monthly services free of charge
  • Milk Time System Analysis
    • Tri-Scan Analysis of Milking Units, Pulsators and Vacuum Levels
    • Vacuum Pump, Air Flow and Vacuum Level analysis to verify compliance with NMC Standards
    • Wash Analysis to optimize washing action and verify proper chemical concentrations
  • System Optimization to Adjust the System to Peak Efficiency
  • Scheduled Maintenance Service
    • Vacuum System: including changing vacuum regulator service and inspection of associated piping including automatic drains
    • Pulsation and Milking Unit Service: including pulsator wear parts and milking unit gaskets
    • Milk Handling System: including milk pump seals, pipeline gaskets and milk level control adjustments
    • Automation System: detacher adjustment and inspection of pivot points on detachers, stalls and crowd gates. Includes replacement of diaphragms and rubber parts as required
    • Cooling System: inspection of system for proper cooling, washing, cleaning of condensing units and servicing late heat exchangers
  • Refrigeration & CoolingGEA
  • Herd & Parlor Management
  • Parlor Design, Consultation & Installation
  • Huge Inventory of Parts and Supplies
  • Full Line WestfaliaSurge Dealer
Fuller's Milker Center