Feed Automation/Feed Carts

Fuller’s Milker Center Inc. can help you make your dairy feeding operation more efficient through feed automation.


Healthy Feeding of Calves with Less Labor

Individual feeding is key to success in modern calf management.
Automatic calf feeders make the day-to-day feeding of calves easier and minimizes the routine tasks involved in raising calves. Automatic feeders can be used in conjunction with the DairyPlan C21 herd management program to create a highly economical calf management system.

Every calf will be recorded and monitored from the day it is born. The Dairy Feed J-V640 automated calf feeding station provides flexible, individual feeding of calves on the spot.



Weaverline Feed Cart

Weaverline feed carts can make your dairy feeding operation more efficient than ever before! With just a flick of the wrist, you can select a comfortable traveling speed in either forward or reverse. And the responsive dynamic breaking system allows the cart to slow down or stop instantly.

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Smart Feeder Plus

Fully automatic concentrates feeding

MULLERUP SMART FEEDER PLUS feeders can relieve you of most of the feeding work in the tied-up cow house. Fully automatic and exact weighing-in and dispensing of individual rations of concentrates to each cow is the concept behind SMART FEEDER PLUS that also manages stepping up and down of concentrates, electronic identification of the cows in the period of turning out to pasture and even takes into account the variable dry matter contents of the feeds.

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