Animal Hygiene and Care

Fuller’s Milker Center, Inc. has a broad, yet focused dairy animal hygiene product line that seeks to keep your cows healthy and efficient producers in the milking herd for as long as possible.

Half Iodine

.5% Iodine Teat Dip

2% emollient
15 gal. $71
30 gal. $126
55 gal. $231

1 Iodine

1% Iodine Teat Dip

10% emollient
15 gal. $94
55 gal. $316

Barrier Teat Dip

1% Iodine Barrier Teat Dip

12% emollient
15 gal. $195
55 gal. $660



Westfalia Dairy Animal Hygiene Products

Offering a single source of service and products to help you sustain the highest operating efficiency and highest milk quality. Pre & Post Teat Dipping, Udder Washes, Dry-Cow Therapy, Foot Care & Bedding Care.

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Udder Comfot

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