Calf Milk Pasteurizers

Why Pasteurize?

Save Money
Why buy milk replacer when you have valuable waste milk? You can save anywhere from $1500.00 to $3000.00 a month. You also save money with lower medication and vet bills. Happy customers have paid for their machine within 6 months.

Save Calves
The future of your farm depends upon keeping your calves healthy. Even if you don’t buy milk replacer, you owe it to yourself and your calves to make sure they get healthy & nutritious mothers milk!

Save Time
Your time is valuable. With a healthier herd you have more time to get things done. Spend less time with meds, vets and mixing milk replacer.

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Goodnature Calf Milk Pasteurizers Preserve herd health and lower costs

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Westfalia Surge UV Pure Ultraviolet Waste Milk Purifier

Westfalia Surge UV Pure

Ultraviolet Waste Milk Purifier

  • Revolutionary technology utilizes UV light to purify waste milk or colostrum for calves
  • Kills bacteria while retaining important nutrients
  • Saves money by requiring 92% less energy than traditional calf milk pasteurizers
  • Fully automated – easy to use – automatic

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Pasteurizing with the Dairy Tech system couldn’t be made any easier. Simply fill the pasteurizer drum with milk by having it pumped directly in while milking, or fill it with buckets. Replace the lid and push the START button on the control board. Now go back to the other important tasks on the dairy and allow the automated cycle to go to work.

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